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Make a strong password
Coder100 (17122)


Oh man, it's your 150th account right now because a stupid hacker is hacking all your accounts because your password is thisismystrongpassword lol.

Well, I am here to make sure those hackers can't get you again! This password generator is one-of-a-kind! It generates passwords you can actually remember and relate to making the memorization process a lot easier! Anyone wanna calculate how many possible passwords there are? lol


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Your homework:

  • Use the tool
  • Find the number of passwords that can be generated and comment below
  • Vote this post up!

Easify your homework:

I don't have time right now to calculate the number of passwords, but use this:

console.log("Number of letters", letters.length)
console.log("Number of words", words.length)
console.log("Number of special", special.length)
// Now evaluate the following
console.log(((letters.length)*(letters.length)*(words.length)*(letters.length)*(words.length)*(special.length)*(letters.length) + (words.length)*(letters.length)*(letters.length)*(words.length)*(words.length)*(special.length)).toLocaleString())

The amount of passwords that can be generated is....

Drumroll please...

Also known as 3.26⨯10¹⁴
That's a lot! 3.26 trillion passwords!

bramley (254)

Ok so basically, in the array.js file, there's the letter category (62 characters), symbol category (18 I believe), and then the words category (949 manually counted). Sifting through script.js, it looked like the highest possible amount of spots was 19. So, I multiplied all of these numbers together, and got:
20,122,596 possible passwords. However, I'm probably wrong, as I did this while I was half asleep.

bramley (254)

@Coder100 Someone on the discord got a password with 22 characters. 23,299,848

Coder100 (17122)

OMG i calculated it and it is beyond the amount of passwords I expected lol 326,328,877,250,048 @bramley

bramley (254)

@Coder100 wot how I just got 27,536,184 from your 26