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MY first GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12601276 (41)


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GDDuck15 (24)

this is how to clear
import replit replit.clear()

SilvermoonCat (437)

Another way is
import os

GideonPolster (0)

You can also use print("\033c", end="")

XanthusPettitt (10)

nice just I would recommend clearing the console everytime you input something so it isnt so confusing but all in all great game!

NoahJospeh (29)

Nice game. A suggestion would be to use system.os('clear') what this does is, it clears the console, then displays the next line of text. This can help so the console isn't super overloaded with text.


@NoahJospeh It is

JakeHu2020 (22)

Not bad, if it's your first game :)

FlaminHotValdez (694)

me: dies
me: presses F to pay respect
me: dies again

GhostKing007 (139)

me : has 0 cash
me : presses E twice (because E)

Dart (1199)

Locked and unlisted for a low effort post add more substance to your post and I will re list it.

cosc (33)

interesting, i will use ur marketing tactic for my next game

Ghostbuster218 (0)

WOW it's good for the first game keep it up

JWZ6 (674)

overrated no offense, just compared to other really good projects, this one falls flat

sudheertalada (0)

it was not coming to me what to do bro

SudhanshuMishra (249)

nice game but i cant upvote coz i have no internet

Superabdude (0)

Ngl, this is a pretty great game! Keep it up :D

ThijsKerste (0)

better then last of us 2

Ottomac (0)

excellent game!

MasterBeast (0)

Nice game, a Lil messy.

Whippingdot (662)


try not to make rpg text console games anymore...

Muffinlavania (1526)

Actually very cool for your first game, but one suggestion i have is that there is a way to print out lists and dictionaries without the parenthesis and quotes, so in general the game would just look a bit less messy
Yea here it is lol the first way can be used with a dictionary (aka the thing with your level cash and name) and the 2nd can be used for lists (Like the shop)

name={} #Some sort of dictionary
for first,sec in name.items:
  print(first+":"+sec) #Would print Level:0 instead of 'Level': 0,

#This is for lists
for thing in list1:
   #Prints out the item followed by a comma, doesnt have the brackets or quotes

Of course you would substitue the names with your variable name, like name could be profile or list1 can be food

Yea thats about it lol if your confused i could explain a bit better

IcemanJon (0)

Nice game! Keep it up. Personally I'd add a few breaks in some of the print statements like the food menu to make it easier to see, but honestly for your first game it's really good. You did well.

snyntakk404 (0)

hey @12601276 if you want some help cleaning up your code and making this game better just invite me to edit!

tussiez (1669)

Ah yes my favorite game: e a t
Nice job!

Lxyne (0)

Very Cool Game! :)

Monk1 (12)

Good for first, it's realy funny console game. Pls try and upvote my Arcade Machine Game

noway15 (97)

This isn't bad, but can definitely do with some improvement. For example, when you display all the items in the lists, just use this type of code:

listgoeshere = ["object1","object2","object","et cetera"]
for i in listgoeshere:

This makes it so that it reads through the list and prints everything in it. So the way the loop works is this:
1. The loop takes the entire placemark between commas, and stores it in a variable named i .
2. Next, it prints the entire variable.
3. It repeats the whole process until it has gone through the entire list.
Other than that, you could add some color, or you could do some text art or something. Maybe you could come back to this later on and revamp it or something?

CosmicBear (23)

why is it pygame??? just really confused.


LOL this is really fun btw good job!