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MUSIC APP using Django

Hi, this is my music app I made using Django.

It has some amazing features where you can upload songs, check out other user's songs, comments on other people's songs and many more.

It took me two days to make it.
Hope you enjoy.

SixBeeps (5332)

This is a pretty good site. There are a few things that I'd like to point out though:

  • The Search button is taller than the search box
  • For whatever reason, I can't seem to seek the audio elements. I don't know if this is intentional, or just a bug.
  • Audio is posted immediately without any moderation process. It'd be really easy to just upload some copyrighted content.
  • Images are stretched rather than cropped, which seems weird to me.

Other than those, I like the premise and the design. Very well done.


@SixBeeps Yes,I agree. I can make the search box a little smaller. I also agree about the copyright. I am not sure how to implement that there. I would also like if you give some tips on the image thing.

SixBeeps (5332)

@SUHASTADIPARTH1 Have a moderation queue where you can either approve or deny new music. That would be the only viable way to prevent copyright.

For the image thing, check out the object-fit CSS property.


@SixBeeps Thanks for you suggestions. With the object-fit property, the images look much better. But I am still working on the moderation queue. I haven't learned that in Django.


@SixBeeps Could you also please share it with other people?
That would be helpful. Thank you..