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MS Paint online
olafh10 (32)

Hello everyone!

I have created a version of MS Paint online, it is not exactly the same, but it's pretty nice. Check it out here:

Please remember that when you reload the page everything will be gone except if you exported it!

amasad (3543)

Why not add persistence? You can probably add user accounts and a nodejs backend. Get started here:

olafh10 (32)

@user23802991: Good idea! I'll do that when I have time somewhere!

ethandeguire (4)

Suggestion- based off of a similar project I worked on about a month ago.
Add interpolation, when the user is dragging their mouse across the screen fill in everywhere they dragged with the brush, not just adding squares at basically the framerate. This will improve your project a lot.

olafh10 (32)

@ethandeguire: Yes I will surely do that! I'll just first finish implementing user accounts