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MERC ZONE - A HTML 5 3D first person shooter (PLEASE TRY IT)
TyrickWoods (4)

I and my fellow coders helped put a game together called MERC ZONE. It is an HTML 5 3D first-person shooter. We first put it on crazy games, but we wanted to see what you guys think. Please give an upvote for the game if you like it. We would really appreciate it.
(By the way, you have to open it up in a new tab).

mwilki7 (1136)

when was this made?

TyrickWoods (4)

@mwilki7 My team and I made it on July 25, 2020.

TyrickWoods (4)

@mwilki7 Thank you! Please give an upvote.

IntellectualGuy (658)

@TyrickWoods Did you actually make the game?

TyrickWoods (4)

@IntellectualGuy Yes, my team and I did make the game.