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Korbindev (134)

Hello, we have made this for lyrics! If you have any suggestions go here:
Thanks you!

  • KorbinDev Admin
cuber1515 (56)

Can you do the lyrics for Nico and the Niners or No Chances by twenty øne piløts?

P.S. The lyrics wont make much since to you prolly because only some people can understand the deeper meaning behind their songs

Korbindev (134)

ok put it in the suggest because my admin will add [email protected]

cuber1515 (56)

@Korbindev the seggest doesn't work, it says:

Cannot GET /dev

Korbindev (134)

No probem, anything for my "fans" @cuber1515

Korbindev (134)

Just let me know if there is any bugs. @cuber1515