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Lunar Lander Game
DrakeFletcher2 (21)

Lunar Lander Game


	This is a game like Lunar Lander. It uses Perlin noise to generate 
random terrain for you to explore! It took me 12 hrs+ with fixing bugs 
making new features. I also have other games I have made in python and 
will post them too but this is the best game that I have made (The 
others are Breakout and Pong). It is a challenge for me to make them
in turtle instead of pygame.


  • Use w/up to apply thrust
  • Use a-d/left-right to turn the lander
  • Try to land on the red spots slowly and right side up
  • Don't run out of fuel

Known Bugs

  • Some random terrain has very bad spots to land
  • The red spots can sometimes be verticle
  • It runs slower on than a normal computer
  • Resizing the screen breaks it

How to Use on a Normal Computer

	 Ask me in the comments for the normal code, this one is modified
to be as short as possible and to run on I also have the
other code for the other games mentioned above.


  • Added buttons to move


I am still working on the game.
Cag82407 (2)

Bruh how do you play this 😩

DrakeFletcher2 (21)

@Cag82407 Bruh how did you find this (arrow keys)

noway15 (97)


0.0 fuel lol

edit: done it again, this time with 36.5 fuel

Many, many big brain and crash moments later:
39.5 fuel yess
even later:

48.5 LET'S GOO

much, much later(I practically had to become a god at this to get the score):

YASS 52.5!!!

DrakeFletcher2 (21)

@noway15 My fastest time was 7 seconds, but that was not on repl

noway15 (97)

There's a problem @DrakeFletcher2 even when I land on the red slowly, it crashes