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Number Guessing Game
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Hi this is a very simple game, the user guesses a number between 1-20 and is told if it is too high or low. If anyone has an idea that I (a python beginner) can do or suggestions to make this better please tell me. Thanks

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You can use three backticks ` which, on American QWERTY keyboards, is left of the 1. Wrapping your code in three backticks will apply the regular formatting.

For example:

import random as r number = r.randint(1, 20) guess = int(input("I am thinking of a number between 1 and 20. What is it? ")) while True: if guess > 20 or guess < 1: guess = int(input("That's not in my range! Guess a number between 1 and 20: ")) elif guess > number: print("Too high!") guess = int(input("Try again: ")) elif guess < number: print("Too low.. ") guess = int(input("Try again: ")) else: print("You guessed it! Good Job!") break