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Time Sphere [unity game]

i made a unity game a while ago, decided to share it here

Time Sphere

the goal is to get the ball to the exit by drawing a path for it.
however the quicker you get to the exit, the less time you have to draw the path on the next level
levels are randomly generated, but you can enter seeds


Game Modes

there are 4 game modes and a sandbox environment

  • Arcade
    basic game mode, reccomended mode to start with
  • Inked
    limited ink, but endless time, much calmer than arcade
  • 100 ballz
    by far the most chaotic mode, instead of just one ball, there are 100
  • Endless
    no time limit, pretty boring tbh
  • Sandbox
    tools which you can use to make levels (and for picking up the ball)
    you can do ctrl+c/ctrl+v to save/load levels from your clipboard, i'd love to see them!
    here some examples of (bad) level codes



there are boosters that fling the ball around, as well as no-grav regions and skips

  • booster
    arrows, push in the direction they point
  • omnibooster
    dots, pushes in the direction the ball is moving
  • no grav
    diagonal lines, gives the ball no gravity for 2 seconds
  • skip
    number, skips the amount of levels it says on it (2,4,8 or 16)



draw - left click
clear - right click
drop ball early - space/middle click
restart - r

each game mode says any special controls when you hover over it, but here they are anyway

  • 100 balls
    next level - right click
  • Sandbox
    open building menu - m, or click the icon
    quick access to tools - 0 to 9
    ctrl+c - copy current level to clipboard (works on other modes too)
    ctrl+v - load level from clipboard
    shift - lock rotation of block on cursor
    space - return the ball (only when ball allready dropped)



coding - Me
art - Walex
music - The Other Guy

psst... theres an page :)

click here to see it properly

(you may need to click again if you cant see the whole screen)

2 years ago
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