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At some point this afternoon (PST) I was unable to run any program, programs that are relatively short and simple that have worked in the past. Is REPL doing maintenance or something? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


hi, I have a similar problem. I am making a game in pygame. when I run the game I get about 4 fps and my inputs are eaten... I know this isn't my game being poorly optimized as I don't have fps independent movement and the movement isn't slowing down. it seems like my character teleports while eating my input because repl was slow. furthermore when I hit the run button there is about a 5 second delay before the game runs.... if I run it in console using "python" it takes a bit for the window to pop up anyway and even then sometimes my programming changes didn't save yet so I get a syntax error for a half typed expression that I already finished. I hope someone can find a solution. thanks for reading, have a nice day


go to it is SO LAGGY all you have to do is click start and JUST SO YOU KNOW it will not work if you do not allow notifications because the notifications are the thing that makes is laggy