What An Ideal Post Should Look Like
Kopamed (195)

What an ideal project should look like

No, I am not talking about this post but the key things mentioned in my program

How to use

The program is pretty self-explanatory


I have tried my best to remove all spelling errors but if you find one, please feel free to add a suggestion or add a comment.

The code towards the end might be a bit messy and I am currently making it prettier.

Anyway, enjoy, and if you are making a post, feel free to comeback to this one and view the recommended aspects, or check out the recommended posts in the
"Examples of an ideal project"

I know I have probably missed something important and that is why I made the suggestions section so add the suggestion there
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firefish (950)

@Kopamed Well, my suggestion anyway was that you should add the fact that you shouldn't beg or your answer to be selected for the same reason that you shouldn't beg for upvotes