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Image To Ascii-art (V2)
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Image To Ascii-art (V2)

A simple Image to Ascii, use url above.


A browser-based image to ASCII with file upload. If there are issues, comment below.

Change Notes:

  • MASSIVELY increased pallet size (From 10 to 66) get more detail than ever!!!
  • I may have missed up some color's positions, but they will be ironed out.
  • Reduced blur for lo-res images.


  • A 66 char color palet (grayscale);
  • Image File Input
  • Clear Button
  • Multiple Resolution Selection
  • File Export (.txt & .html)
  • Invert Colors
  • Discord Fix (Only works on "Really Low" & "16-bit?" resolutions)
  • Aspect Ratio Adjustment (Can Be Disabled in "Export Options")

Possible Future Additions:

  • Color (ANSI or HTML or something, maybe?)
  • Auto Crop?

Not much else to say... go nuts.

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@KobeFF Thanks!