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lvinwan (302)

A survival driving game. Use arrow keys to move, avoid the trees, and collect fuel!

Unorthodox (13)

A survival driving game? Damn it, I thought it would be the Ultimate Lifeform.
Cool though.


@Unorthodox yes, jojo refrence good

ch1ck3n (2043)

The fuel runs out SO QUICKLY!

CodePython2 (14)

you can cheat and go around. The visuals are cool but they are anoying loots of times

phantomlord45 (2)

great but is kinda buggy

Japoll246 (15)

I would make it not rotate. That is literally the ONLY thing I would change. Awesome game

hg0428 (194)

Does not work on mobile


are you a mobile programmer????????!!!!

jiakai (0)

i keep falling out of the arena

JoshuaS3 (8)

how am i supposed to compete with this? you have won the game before it even started my man.

JonathanP3 (0)

@joshuas3: Hi Josh funny to see you exploring I built this

17dsmyth (9)

@jonathanp3: how did you build it if ALVINWAN1 posted

awesome10 (232)

@17dsmyth first,ik im way late but ibuiltthis i think is somewhere on repl ( )

Krod24 (1)

I like Huntin' Fishin' better!

haya (9)

@krod24: I edited your comment. In we welcome all Repls levels and we keep an open mind. Giving a good feedback is very important, this is how we improve and learn :)

nthli (0)

good program but it's too easy, and no way to lose

haya (9)

I think many people agree with this. Some designers decide not to make the player dies so that they keep playing. However, I like it better when the player dies. @alvinwan1 you can think of this as a next iteration, right? what's your thoughts?

lvinwan (302)

@haya: For sure. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just added a time and implemented the fuel bars. You can view the updated game at

CyanCoding (2178)

Great job! Just so you know though, I did find a bug with it. What would happen is I would run into a tree and continue holding down forwards. Eventually, I could press the backwards key and it would actually drive me forwards through the tree. Once through, if I pressed a combination of the two, the car disappeared. Check out a gif of it:

CyanCoding (2178)

Also if you didn't know, you can drive off the map without anything happening to you. I would suggest it so that the car respawns when that happens.

lvinwan (302)

@microwither: Thanks for the feedback. This is great. Admittedly, I had a hard time with the object collision. I've updated the "algorithm" since, and it's hopefully less awkward. For falling off the edge, that's a great idea.

hayaodeh (199)

love it! it's very simple, wait on the car to appear and move it back and forth to the fuel station ⛽️ between the trees 🌲🌲
I would suggest to add a score and levels, the more I score the harder it gets, by adding multiple trees and maybe multiple fuels.

lvinwan (302)

@user7282973: Ooo multiple fuels and trees are great ideas. One concern I had is if there were so many spawns that the game was literally impossible. I'll keep that in mind, for sure.

MealTime (0)

My guy, I can just drive around over the abyss. Also tree hitboxes are bugged or something? I can basically shift through them by going back and forth with the car.

lvinwan (302)

@mealtime: Yeah, they're bugged. The boxes are assumed to be axis-aligned. I could implement more robust checking or use a real physics library, haha.

TotallyNotMessi (0)

The "area of play" clips over the score, i don't know if you are aware.

lvinwan (302)

@totallynotmessi: Yeah, thanks man. I'll think about how to deal with small screens. Until then, the full screen version is probably the way to go

CalebDuff (0)

fun game need to add a reset button

lvinwan (302)

@calebduff: thanks! hm, good idea - I've written it down

Caleb_Bradley (2)

fun game but maybe add a start button instead of it already started...just so people know

haya (9)

@calebbradley: yeh I agree, it would be a good indicator. I think most people like a start of a game and end of a game

lvinwan (302)

@calebbradley: ah yes, I should add a start screen of some kind. thanks!

mariojavach (2)

Why is this man getting all of this hate. This game is amazing for a repl

haya (9)

@mariojavach: please mention me if you noticed any uncool behavior on in I built this 🔨. I personally like this game, our taste is different from person to person. I focus on keeping the language clear and civilized.

lvinwan (302)

*I would recommend playing at instead of the link I posted above.

This game was a bit simple admittedly. I developed it for kids in underprivileged communities to code, as a part of Bit by Bit (\)

Our group has also developed two other games that you can now find on!

JSer (84)

You can add controls for mobile devices (such as touching different parts of the screen)

lvinwan (302)

@iamcaleblol: thanks for the suggestion - I'll give that one a go!