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Kahoot Quiz Search API
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This is an example program using my quizfinder-api

It was made in python and scrapes google and kahoot for quizzes, and returns easy-to-use JSON.

Endpoints (how to use the API)

The base url of the api is and it should be up 24/7.


Allowed methods: GET, POST

Arguments: keywords - either a single keyword or a comma-separated list of keywords (eg: keywords=general or keywords=general,science).

Returns: a dictionary containing a list of URLs (key=urls) of kahoots matching the keywords


Allowed methods: GET, POST

Arguments: url - the URL of a kahoot quiz (any URL returned by the /search endpoint should be valid)

Returns: a dictionary containing the quiz


Allowed methods: GET

Returns: a dictionary containing hashed keywords and the results

The purpose of this endpoint is to allow me to view the cache, you shouldn't really need to use it but what the cache does is speed up search times for common search terms by storing previous results so google doesn't rate limit.

Python client

Copy the code inside the commented lines in the repl below

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