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Just another shopping site ....right?
robowolf (435)

Dairy Farm Greens are working on their new website. Wow. It's not done but you get to see a rough outline. Enjoy

Okay for those who didn't get it this it the first ARG w/o the game in a story. There are hidden clues that are pieces to an overall story. For those who find the clues, if you want to comment them please attach spoiler before hand. Also first to find all clues, and closest to the story, will get mentions in the next story.

When you find shorten think shorten link.

ch1ck3n (1629)

Instead of pasting the html code inside of the python, try using templating.. it'l make your life easier.

robowolf (435)

@ch1ck3n I agree. It's just easier to edit the text without having to open the files.

cooldabber (4)

Nice! Left me stumped. The code is hidden within...