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Search Engine v1.1


This is my second version of my search engine and many more better features are coming soon. This has been a very big project and I have used lots of new advanced skills that I have learned in the past few weeks. I hope you will upvote so I can find out whether I should continuing making this project or not.


This search engine currently has lots of amazing features. Here are the features that are provided right now:

  • Use the alphabet, numbers, and some symbols in order to type in what you want to search.

  • You don't need one result in order to press enter. You can press enter any time and see the results you have.

  • Because if I didn't add this feature, there will be a big scrollbar, I added some pages with different results in alphabetical order. There are 50 results on each page and use the left and right arrow key to move through different pages.

  • There is also a suggestion feature where if you press "+", you will be able to suggest another word that I can use for the next version.

New Features

  • You will be able to see the history of your searches by doing control and h on the keyboard

  • You also can make an account to save your data.

Upcoming Features

I currently have many more updates coming soon to this project. Here are some of them:

  • Community History: I might try to add a community history where you can see what the whole community has searched up.

  • Stats: Just look at what stats you have on searching.

  • Categories: If the search engine suddenly gets really big, I will add categories and you can search things up using those categories.

  • History Update: Hide the History So No One Sees It.

  • Save Files: Just Save All the Files so Everyone is Able to See Their History (It Works Right now But Not For Everyone)

  • Leveling System: A system that ranks you up based on how many searches you have.

  • Colors: Adding Colors to the Search to Make it Look Visually Better

  • Security: I had a lot of suggestions about the security so I am going to try to make that be better

Currently this project includes almost 600 words you can search up and find out what the definitions are. Some of them are easy words while others are new words you can learn.

This time here are the people who helped me:

Thanks to:


Again, I hope you upvote so I know whether I should continue this project or not and comment down below suggestions that you have about this project and if you want to just give words. Next time, I will be mentioning people who have helped me come up with words before the next version comes out.

I would also like some suggestions so I can make this better and better overtime.

Have a nice day!

2 years ago
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