[Beta 1.0] repl.email - an exclusive, but fully functional email service
MarcusWeinberger (774)


I feel like people don't quite get it: this is a normal email service. Like gmail. You can literally sign up to youtube with this address. peace

Welcome to the initial beta release! A ton of new features have been added, including a complete redesign thanks to @rafrafraf (who is working on the frontend).

What's new:

  • Reply to emails
  • Profile pic in the navbar
  • Better design
  • Password-protect the contents of your email
  • Paste images directly into your email

PS: the database had to be migrated - so the autocomplete list will not be fully populated until users sign in. Also your forwarding address has been wiped. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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MarcusWeinberger (774)

@JordanDixon1 bought it :) if you're a student, try signing up for the GitHub student developer pack, you get tons of freebies!