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Jam Submission: Code Daily
amasad (3444)

Code Daily

Code Daily is an app that encourages you to code daily. I remember reading about the comedian Jerry Seinfeld and how he stopped procrastinating writing jokes by having a calendar where he marked the days that he wrote and because he didn't want to break his streak, he would be motivated to write every day!

So to motivate you to code every day and to become the Seinfeld of programming I made this app. Basically, you open it every day -- maybe it's even your browser homepage -- and you simply say what you're hacking on and check-in! The app will calculate your streak and will show you how many days you've coded in a row. It also maintains a log of your check-ins that will be fun to read in the future.

I had a lot more ideas for the app but:

  • my coding is rusty because I've been doing more business and management lately
  • I had some family obligations

But that's all excuses! Here is my roadmap -- if you're interested in helping, let me know in the comments and I'll invite you:

  • Send emails or notifications before the day is over so you don't miss a day
  • Render a calendar to show you which days you coded
  • Allow you to add friends and keep each other accountable
  • Give you awards or prizes for hitting streaks and let you share on social media

Let me know what you think!

UPDATE: Announcing leaderboard

On the landing page, you'll now see a leaderboard with the programmers with the most check-ins (please do not spam it on purpose to get to the top, I will find out). If you're logged in you can also go to /leaders to see the leaderboard.

UPDATE 2: Domain and Team

PyCoder01 (56)

@amasad Did the devs make the dark mode yet for the website? (

shawnpj83 (1)

Just logged back in after like a year and that's the first thing I started wondering too!

PyCoder01 (56)

@Bookie0 I will not view anything of mat1. His repl's are cursed!

HarperframeInc (456)

@amasad shhh - The file system in is really just ~/repl-name-here, therefore you can treat your repl as just a directory/folder - doing rm will remove the file.

I use it as a space saving strategy sometimes.

HarperframeInc (456)

@Bookie0 Tapermonkey script is broken

Coder100 (18118)

wowowow pog amasad used my template?

Kudos (138)

What I'm looking at right now is genius HTML syntax highlighting for ejs!

realTronsi (926)

@Coder100 no thats just a way of using ejs with express

realTronsi (926)

@Coder100 Yes really, when I was a web dev I used that and I didn't even know you had some "ejs template" which you probably just used preexisting code you found on the internet/books and mashed it together

Coder100 (18118)

nah, I made that template myself @realTronsi

realTronsi (926)

@Coder100 unless you're the inventor of express and added app.engine then contributed to the ejs source code and then wrote that article, I'm 99% sure you did not invent app.engine("html", ejs.renderFile)

realTronsi (926)

@Coder100 so could you improvise by what you mean as "I made that template myself"?

realTronsi (926)

@HarperframeInc he was talking about how he came up with

app.engine("html", ejs.renderFile);
darknew (29)

Just ~ How??
clean, simple, efficient, (slow af), perfect

amasad (3444)

@darknew Thanks! How I made it? And what is slow?

darknew (29)

@amasad Ahah the how was my reaction when I saw the replit login, and yes, it was a bit slow to load (I thought it was broken at first). But in general, I find it really clean and classy

generationXcode (515)

I actually needed this. Thanks! also could you add a feature (maybe later) where I can schedule what I would want to do in the future? That would be epic

generationXcode (515)

adding to that also make it so that I can see all the logs of the day instead of one per day?

amasad (3444)

@generationXcode good point, let me try to fix this right now and make it support multiple check-ins per day.

realTronsi (926)

@amasad to add on, maybe removing entries as well?

generationXcode (515)

@amasad hehe sorry for overloading you with feature requests but can you make it so that two messages that are the same one after the other show up as one? or you can start a github repo so I can work on that if u dont have time. Thanks

amasad (3444)

@generationXcode I just added you to the development team, see the update above for more info

generationXcode (515)

@amasad epic. I'll work on it during my free time.

BobTheTomatoPie (3360)

man i expected there to be more js, this is cool af

amasad (3444)

@BobTheTomatoPie the only frontend JS I have is for auth!

PyCoder01 (56)

@BobTheTomatoPie Fun fact: amasad us the CEO and is chill with pings, ping him as much as you want!

BobTheTomatoPie (3360)

i dont get it man, you got some kind of problem? I ping him 2 times on his own post man, and im fully aware hes the ceo, i dont see why you gotta be sarcastic about this, why dont you go comment this on every comment on this post. Because just by responding to me you pinged him and just by commenting anyone will ping him if its on his post, and i dont see that he had a problem with my compliment @PyCoder01

sooparch (1)

Me: I’m going to login An Error occured:
Failed to authenticate :(

RayhanADev (2514)

oh @amasad, why does Repl Auth not like Safari
and if possible, can you make the modal customizable xd

Codemonkey51 (1057)

safari hates repl auth. (Also can I help out?) @amasad

poetaetoes (316)

lol i have most entries

mathurahravigul (0)

Hi @amasad, I am interested in joining the development team! I love the concept of this website. I've developed these two websites in the past: - to track the things I'm learning every day and also for others to track the things they are learning in the browser. I'd love to apply what I learned from these projects to encourage people to continue practicing their development craft consistently.

TigLearner (0)

It seems to be no longer available.

sushritha1 (0)

Wow! It's awesome!

TalinSharma (77)

Maybe I can help with the email thing... Cool!

programmeruser (596)

@TalinSharma the PHP mail function is insecure, and doesn't work on

TalinSharma (77)

Oh... Thanks for letting me know.

LingWu1 (94)

How does everyone do this...I'm literally going mad.

Kudos (138)

You could add

app.get("*", function(req, res) {

At the end of all the HTTP handlers and add a 404.html file to create a 404 page.

RayhanADev (2514)

@Kudos or even better:

app.set((req, res) => {

ofc at the end of all handlers!

Kudos (138)

You're quite the #backticklover

Jackbaklava (41)

How did you make it in only 2 days?!? BTW, # POG website

Plorzon (6)

I love it! As someone who procrastinates writing code and instead watches videos, this is really great!

Whippingdot (656)

I pinned this, thanks a LOT maker of Repl. You are AWESOME!

Codemonkey51 (1057)

Hiya @amasad, I know you get lotsa pings (and emails), could I help out with the project. thx. Have a great day

amasad (3444)

@Codemonkey51 yes I'm thinking about the best way to collaborate. I'm thinking of creating a development fork of the repl and invite people who want to contribute and then when we're ready I copy over the code.

Unless you have other ideas?

I'll do it tomorrow.

amasad (3444)

@Codemonkey51 I just added you to the development team, see the update above for more info

PyCoder01 (56)

@amasad You should buy a domain for the website, like

PyCoder01 (56)

@amasad Or add it to like

PyCoder01 (56)

@amasad the website is so freaking slow

PyCoder01 (56)

@amasad btw, how do you use repl auth

firefish (947)

@PyCoder01 well i can show (must use express however)

Bookie0 (6261)

Also @amasad maybe a max number of chars? or adjust the border of the table because I, uhh, spammed, a bit lol!!

And small thing (might be me overreacting) but perhaps add space between -- and table, and capitalize the t of `table? :))))

amasad (3444)

@Bookie0 I just added you to the development team, see the update above for more info. Feel free to fix.

Bookie0 (6261)

Thanks! :D unfortunately, I don’t rly do web development, but I’ll read the readME and add my suggestions! ;) @amasad

Bookie0 (6261)

yay nice, amasad is back in repl talk pog!!

Suggestion: when you're on this page:

mebbe option to log out/go back to homescreen to check out other people's leaderboards! :D

EpicRaisin (262)

@Bookie0 You can go to /leaders as well

Scoder12 (874)

Using { extended: true } with bodyParser can lead to type confusion. And you don't need it anyway since its built into express app.use(express.urlencoded()).


me with microsoft excel: ._.

HahaYes (1861)

HahaYes this is pog