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Jabber (Python Chat through Terminal)
candies (435)

What is Jabber?

Jabber is an Online open-source Python chat that allows users to chat through the terminal. I created this because I am pretty sure everyone has tried creating a python terminal chat.

What are the Commands?

besides that, I have a few commands that'll also make jabber better.

  1. Help Command
    This command is very basic. It gives you 7/8 seconds to read this, it includes everything needed.

USAGE: jabber help
  1. Ascii Command
    This allows you to type something and turn it into ASCII, but there is an error, don't know why :shrug:

  1. New Name Command
    This creates a new name for you, cool right!

USAGE: new_name
(This opens a prompt to change your name)

Anything Else? @TempleOfCode

We're currently working on a moderator feature that allows you to moderate the chat to keep it a safe place to talk anonymously.

Got any ideas for commands/regular things? Make a comment and help! (good idea == shoutout)
everything was revamped from

Vandesm14 (2737)

I noticed that your code is similar to the program created by @JWZ6. Since it's different enough, it's not plagiarism. I will, however, unlist the post until you credit them saying that the original code came from them. Feel free to comment once you have credited them.

candies (435)

I just did, forgot to give credit because I forgot who made it. they didn't have to comment on this. @Vandesm14

candies (435)

they've could've at least just tell me. @Vandesm14

JWZ6 (674)

@TempleOfCode oh sorry my bad apology accepted

Vandesm14 (2737)

@TempleOfCode Alright thanks! I've relisted the post for you!

JWZ6 (674)

evil er my bad

poetaetoes (332)


JWZ6 (674)

@poetaetoes pls calm down he credited us

poetaetoes (332)

@JWZ6 yeah after i yelled at him