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Island Generator
Nettakrim (687)

creates an tropical archipelago-like set of islands with a whole load of parameters

wasd - move island
1 - zoom in
2 - zoom out
q/e - rotate (slow)
r - remake island with new seed

also: has had a big update (some things still dont have ascii art yet, it takes ages xD)

richroch (3)

DM's are losing their minds over this

ConnorStewrat (0)

@richroch As a DM I approve this message

Nettakrim (687)

yes i was thinking it could be good for RPGs...
edit the islands a bit and you can have deserts and volcanos



TST2024 (12)

This is really cool keep up the good work!

avibeskrowni (72)

Pretty good! The MaxDonalds update, I'm a fan of that :)

Nettakrim (687)

new max donalds update coming soon...

Wilke000 (625)

Sooooooooo Coooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aidanpatterson0 (1)

nice! one thing though, you don't need self.combinedetail as pnoise2(octaves=self.detail) has the same effect i think you're trying for.

Nettakrim (687)

@aidanpatterson0 i dont think so from testing, also combine detail doesnt work atm xD

Nettakrim (687)


what combine detail should do:

Evanlicious (18)

My goodness, this is amazing! Keep up the good work.