Repl-Customs!!! (v1)
frissyn (360)

Repl-Customs Is Finally Here! 🎉

Hey all, If you saw my first post Announcing "Repl Customs" you'd know that this was supposed to release last Friday but I'm incompetent I ran into quite a lot of issues with Flask, the repltalk package, and just general Python 3 frustrations. Also online school is also a lot harder than I thought it would be! So, Without further ado, Here is Repl Customs!!!

What is Repl-Customs? 🤔

Repl Customs is a data solution I created to allow users to search the Repl database for custom data solutions. That doesn't answer anything but OK You can find out answers to questions like, "How many upvotes does my post get in an hour?" or "Who commented the most in the past week?" Things like this are easy to look at with Repl Customs!

The Current State of Things. 📈

Repl Customs is still in early development and the only real feature is looking up Repl users and getting a glorified profile page, but that is just the beginning! I want this to be a fully-fledged web app that is worth your time to visit. So look forward to constant updates and changes! I’ll be working on this for next few months.

Want to Contribute? 📝

If this project piques your interest and you would like to contribute to this project as Repl user @adityaru first offered, I will be opening a GitHub repo for it soon, and I’ll update this post when I do that. Anyone who wants to can read the guide and then open a pull request with your desired changes/updates! (Right now there’s an issue with printing a comment’s post title to the web app, so if you have a fix for that please feel free to help out!😀)

EDIT: The project is now open and public!!! Go check it out here!

With all that said, please enjoy the first official release of Repl-Customs! 😎😎 🎉🎉


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AmazingMech2418 (1039)

@IreTheKID You're welcome! Also, with the recent comments, I think you are using the wrong API. It shows the cycles and descriptions of the recent posts section.