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It's like upvotes, except they don't count for anything.

Here's the idea...

I send this app out to the community. The users will click the button. They will get hooked. They will continue to hit the button. We all work together to reach the goal of 1M (1,000,000) votes!

But I'm bored of clicker games!

Well, this isn't your basic clicker game. Instead of clicking a button and increasing points by yourself, this allows you to collaborate with the entire community to get to the goal of 1M votes.

No, the votes aren't for me. I just called them "votes" because why not!

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ive been botting vote on my own for 2 hours thats how there are 66k
with a simple console script:

const num_clients = 275 const clients = [] const init_interval = setInterval(() => { clients.push(io()) if (clients.length >= num_clients) { clearInterval(init_interval) } }, 20) setTimeout(() => { let c = 0 setInterval(() => { clients[c].emit("vote") c ++ if (c >= clients.length) { c = 0 } }, 20) }, 1000)

this script also works with multiple vote windows and a customizable amount of clients (I found over 1000 craps the server out)