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This is a game for the game jam. This is about investing in cryptocurrency and stocks, You type in a number/letter in order to confirm or buy something. If you have under $50 you lose the game, and stock price will rise or drop randomly.

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One of the biggest challenges you will face when building an affiliate marketing business is finding the best affiliate programs . After all, there are thousands of high paying affiliate programs to choose from. Choosing the wrong affiliate program can set you back months while choosing the right affiliate program can get you your first affiliate offers.

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In fact, affiliate marketing spend in the United States increased from $5.4 billion in 2017 to $8.2 billion in 2022 — which means there’s plenty of room for those looking to get a piece of the pie.

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Great! I'll give it a shot! I've actually been investing in cryptocurrency and stocks for a while now, and I'd love to see if I'm good at applying the knowledge in the game. I've also joined several affiliate programs recently, and it's been incredibly rewarding so far! My affiliate income has been on the rise ever since! If you're a newbie, you should check this article on the best affiliate programs that you could potentially join.

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Still can't imagine people getting up the courage to invest in cryptocurrency and stocks. Success here depends purely on chance and luck. To me, it is not much different from a casino because there is also no guarantee that you can make money from it. Cryptocurrency is there today, and tomorrow it will be worthless. The same goes for stocks. If you really want to put up the money, it is better to consider investing in real estate or land. It's safer and more profitable to my mind. It's not as easy as it may seem at first glance, but now you can easily find consultants who help you with these issues. For example, here

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all this “investing in cryptocurrency and stocks” thing is a trash

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Isn't it better to study a bit before investing in a company? It is like a casino, and I don't think it is reasonable to spend money like that. If you are really into stock and crypto investments, you should study a lot before entering the market. Luckily we live in an era where everything can be found on the internet. Visit websites like, where you can learn how the market works. I am sure you won't be disappointed.