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Introducing DayBot, an Almost Artificial Inteligence Robot!
isaiah08 (86)


This (sorta) AI robot gets smarter as you talk to it. It is very simple: if it doesn't know a phrase, it will ask you how to respond! Please talk to it, and soon it will start to sound more human. I will be updating this soon. Tell me what you think!


I'm testing if users can add data to the machine. Can somebody put a random phrase, and if the machine doesn't know it tell it what to respond, and then put both in the comments? Thanks!

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes asking how to say something even when it has already been told
  • Taking a few seconds to respond

As @RayhanADev and @PlaySoccer pointed out, this isn't technically AI or Machine Learning. It just responds to what you want it to respond. But it's the first step to making something that's AI, and later versions will be more AI. Thanks to everyone for pointing this out!

RayhanADev (2594)

This isn’t artificial intelligence. It just asks user to tell it what to say when it doesn’t know something. If I was one of the first I could have made it respond to hello by cursing. Not very cash money...

isaiah08 (86)

Thanks for telling me. If someone told it to how to respond to who created you? and then it figured out that who created you was the same thing as who were you created by?, then would it be AI? @RayhanADev

RayhanADev (2594)

@isaiah08 still no, because it can’t differentiate right between wrong. You are just storing any user input based on what I see in your code. Back to my first example, if I said hello, and it doesn’t know how to respond to that, I tell it to curse, the next person who says hello gets a curse. You aren’t really ‘training’ it because it isn’t getting multiple inputs. Building an AI is much more complex than this (but with a bit of work, you will get it!).

isaiah08 (86)

Ok. If it evaluate multiple inputs on the same phrase and found the best one, would it be [email protected]

RayhanADev (2594)

@isaiah08 you’d be on the right track in my opinion. If you want it to be a full-fledged AI talkbot, here’s my list:

  • Evaluate multiple inputs and find the one most accepted by current society
  • Be able to talk about matters without opinion (i.e. what’s your opinion about the current President of the US, etc.)
  • Actually understand what a user inputs (natural language processing)
  • Be up to date on matters
  • Be globalized (in my opinion)
  • Probably more I don’t know
RayhanADev (2594)

@isaiah08 take Siri for example. You can talk to it and it relatively understands what you’re saying, knows what’s happening in the world, and doesn’t give an opinion on matters. Anyone can use Siri and it’d talk back somewhat normally or give you direction to something that is related to what your said.


Siri is an idiot she responds when I don't want her to and doesn't when I do @RayhanADev

PythonPrograms (14)

@ilovebeef Wow appreciate the comment

but did anyone ask??

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

yea nobody asked that, siri is a lot more advanced than this if that is what you are trying to argue @ilovebeef


oof I forgot what I was trying to argue [email protected]

HarperframeInc (456)

@RayhanADev hey that's my saying! ):
Also Siri (technically) is not AI. It's actually Machine Learning, and that's for analyzing user's voices.

GrantHo1 (0)

@HarperframeInc well it is AI it is just low-level AI, as it can't think for itself. It has algorithms to find what it needs, but doesn't have it's own opinion, which makes one a high-level AI(and i don't think anybody has currently achieved high-level AI yet)

ch1ck3n (2303)

Nice, but you could make it respond faster.

ch1ck3n (2303)

@isaiah08 the bot takes a few seconds to respond to my inputs.

isaiah08 (86)

I will try to make it more efficient. Thanks for the feedback! @ch1cken

ch1ck3n (2303)

@isaiah08 Upvote is sort of a like button in youtube.

isaiah08 (86)

I know, but why did you say upvotes? @ch1cken

techde (141)

@isaiah08 ahahah thats funny, kitty is your alt right? dont worry u wont get banned just make sure too tell everyone the truth!

isaiah08 (86)

No, he's my best friend. @techde

techde (141)

@isaiah08 But your names are both isaiah????

isaiah08 (86)

One of the reasons we are best friends. @techde

Pizzaz4me (57)

this isn't AI, but it is still a cool project

isaiah08 (86)

Thanks for telling me, i updated the post. @PlaySoccer

GeumjuKim (19)