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Intro to Programming
LoriHunt (0)

I'm testing out a theory. I no longer have a Share button, where I used to get the code to embed into the LMS I use with my classes. I no longer see the Share button (only Invite), so I am trying to get it back by posting this. If anyone knows, your help would be greatly appreciated!!

CodingCactus (4331)

Hi to embed your repl it is simply just an iframe with the src attribute set to the repl url ( but with ?lite=true on the end of it.

For example to embed this repl you would do

<iframe src=""></iframe>
LoriHunt (0)

brilliant!! Thank you @CodingCactus it worked perfectly :)

MrVoo (95)

If you want to let other people edit your code, use the invite button. If not, just copy the link (it should look like

LoriHunt (0)

@MrVoo - Thank you for responding. The problem is that without the Share button I can't embed the code. I need to embed the code (not just share it)