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*Interactive* Conway's Game of Life
mserrano258 (23)

In honor of John Conway, who passed away April 11, 2020 due to COVID-19. This is an interactive and non-text version of Conway's Game of Life, please give it a try.

sugarfi (630)

RIP John Conway. Also, you should use turtle.tracer(0, 0) or something similar to make the drawing instant, instead of taking time.

mserrano258 (23)

@sugarfi Thanks for spotting the lag and the tip! However, I do have turtle.tracer(0,0) in my code. The reason for the drawing not being instant was because I forgot to remove a turtle.update() after every in my code. That's why it seemed to buffer a row at a time. Now, it is much more seamless (like it should be). Thanks again