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Influxion - A Rhythmic Platformer
raghavm (94)

Project by @LehuyH and @raghavm

Influxion - A Rhythm Driven Platformer

The only skill you need is your knowledge of a song!


  • Click HERE to play Influxion!
  • Click HERE to view the source REPL!
  • Click HERE to view the project on GitHub!

What Is Influxion?

To fit with the theme of the music jam (music if that wasn't obvious), we built Influxion because we guessed that many of the other submissions would be music players, music builders, et cetera. We wanted our project to be different but fun to play/use nevertheless. Influxion blends the elements of a rhythm game into a less strict and more approachable platformer game.

Game Structure/How-To-Play:

  • Influxion has 7 CDs (or levels) built-in, along with many others created by players.
  • Each CD is divided into 2 parts, the platformer and the boss battle.
  • The platformer is pretty straight forward, you hit (SPACE) to avoid crashing into eighth notes, and press (X) to attack treble clefs.
  • The boss battle is a bit more complex, and is only playable after the platformer is completed.
  • The boss is constantly moving around synced to the beat and your goal is to survive it or kill it. When the boss is hovered over the left-most (red) bar, you use the (A) key to hit the boss, for the inner-left (blue) bar use the (S) key, for the inner-right (yellow) bar use the (D) key, and for the outer-right (green) bar.
  • NEW! Press (Esc) while in the middle of a CD (level) to go back to the main CDs screen.

Level Designer

  • You can build your own Influxion levels and upload them to our servers for anyone to play!
  • Just click 'MAKE A LEVEL' from the homepage and type in a username.
  • All further instructions will be on the page itself.

Further Notes:

  • All Influxion code was designed in Repl.It, and tested in Google Chrome 75 on Windows 10
  • Influxion was designed to be played on a computer, and does not work on a phone.
  • As Influxion is an music-focused game, for optimal experience headphones are recommended.
  • Play Influxion in fullscreen, if your browser can do that.
  • DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for copyright issues in community levels as those were not created by us.
  • If a song in a community level is explicit, racist, sexist, et cetera, please let us know through a comment or on Discord (@RustyPotato#3472) through the Repl.It server.

Thanks a lot for playing Influxion! Upvotes and feedback are greatly appreciated.


Songs used in the game (not counting community levels):
  • Main Screen Music - Wind by p00s
  • Tutorial = OneStop by David Yackley
  • Cityscape = Town by Nathan Grigg
  • TalkBox = TalkBox by DJ Quads
  • Electro = Electro Cabello by Kevin MacLeod
  • Flares = Flares by NIVIRO
  • Paradise = Gangsta's Paradise by Jennifer Spengler
  • Skii = Skii by Lil Scar X Iscopizza (Peninsula Records)
    Those are all the songs we used on our side of the game.

Proof that we developed in

Although we used GitHub, we developed Influxion in multiple repls. We have them linked below (the links are in no specific order):

Congrats! You read all of it! Now click HERE to start playing!

Snowflake (50)

really great game but in my opinion the boss battles are a bit too hard

raghavm (94)

@Snowflake Thanks! That means a lot!

raghavm (94)

@raghavm Hmm. I have an idea! Make your own level through the level designer however you'd want the difficulty to be!

raghavm (94)

@raghavm I made the boss battles easier!

liltaco (206)

Awesome game, I really liked it! But I got a -98 score, I don't know whether I'm the problem or the game is the problem XD

raghavm (94)

@liltaco XD. The boss battle is a reaction-time based game. You may have hit the wrong ones at the wrong time. Don't worry though, -98 is already better than my first time playing!

abc3354 (227)

This game is really cool and the UI is just fantastic !
Great work

raghavm (94)

@abc3354 Thanks for the upvote and the feedback on the UI! Keep Playing!

Snoop_Frog (4)

WOW best game EVER this is so ADDICTIVE and best of all it's FREE my life has no MEANING but this game SAVED me from my DEPRESSION almost as good as my HERBALIFE essential OILS only 15 DOLLARS on my instagram STORE

raghavm (94)

@Snoop_Frog Thanks! Any feedback? (just dm me on discord lol). Also I'm going to play it right now!

LehuyH (76)

@Snoop_Frog thanks for helping us test the game

raghavm (94)

@Snoop_Frog Could I get that Instagram link?

LehuyH (76)

In my unbiased opinion, this is pretty good!

raghavm (94)

@LehuyH In my unbiased opinion, this is very good! Thanks!

ebest (671)

add a way to change difficulties/speeds to make it easier and harder for more or less stars.

raghavm (94)

@ebest Hmm. I like that idea! But I think we'll postpone any more edits till after the results come out (so the judge doesn't think we're cheating or anything ;0). :)

raghavm (94)

Upon request form @snowflake and @liltaco and others, I made the boss battle a little easier last night. 7/21

sideswipe (12)

Well done @raghavm and @LehuyH! I feel this is great! P.S, please check out our project Gensic. Can I DM you on Discord? There's a game we're trying to develop outside of, and I'm sure you guys could help in it.

raghavm (94)

@sideswipe Thanks! I'll check it out later on :)
Go ahead! @RustyPotato#3472

raghavm (94)

Hey @EthanJustice ! Thanks for the upvote! Any feedback you have for us?

raghavm (94)

@raghavm Thanks for the feedback.

raghavm (94)

@raghavm Hey @EthanJustice I did it! Tell me if its better now!

raghavm (94)

@kurrycat2004 Thanks for the upvote! How did you like the game?

Coding1000 (10)

And btw for my other project i been trying to do a music uploader with input type file i been reaserching and no results and u show me how u did it.

Coding1000 (10)

Im isaiahr and woha this is amazing and btw you finall figured out what particles.js is and btw where did u leanr all that javascript.

raghavm (94)

@Coding1000 Also, if you liked it, could you upvote? Thanks in advance!

raghavm (94)

@raghavm I would say that @LehuyH and I are primarily self-learners.

NimeshMisra (1)

Guys, great game. It’s not easy but gets interesting. I like the way you can customize music and the background. Excellent job ! @raghavm and @LehuyH. Keep it up !

CollinKunsman1 (31)

@raghavm i don't see the game. all i see is 'INFLU'. Is the game broken?