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Impulse Programming Language
Futuristics (51)


The Language for Speedy Coding and Speedy Learning Made in only 2200 lines of code!

Our Team

@Futuristics and @shashee

Our Goal

Our goal is to make Coding Simple and quick, Impulse is a very flexible language which means minimum errors and maximum progress! And even when the errors are scarce, they are easy to understand, meaning even more productivity rather than those StackOverflow Visits!

My Logo:

Variables In Impulse

To Create a Variable use the "var" Keyword, you can also use all mathematical operations.

var age = 12
age + 1 * 1 / 1 ^ 1 - 1



The "var" Keyword can also be used to create lists, and can also hold in functions, if, for, and while statements!

Comparisons in Impulse

Test whether different items are equal, less than, greater than, using "and" and "or" Keywords as well!

1 == 1
1 == 1 and 2 == 2
3 == 2 or 1 == 1
1 == 2



Comments in Impulse

Comments are useful pieces of software to use while coding!

#This is a Comment

Strings in Impulse

Strings are important and there are many ways to use them in Impulse! By adding two strings together you can concatenate them. You can multiply strings by putting how many times you wish for the string to repeat.

"This is a String"
var test = "String"
"String" + "Test"
"Hello, " * 3


"This is a String"
"String Test"
"Hello, Hello, Hello"

If Statements in Impulse

You can put an if statement inside of the var Keyword, or you can make it its own line as well! When using the if statement in its own file, you can have multi-lined statements. The "elif" and "else" Keywords are optional.

One Line If Statement:
var age = 18
if age >= 18 then 40 elif age == 17 then 30 else 20

Multi Lined Statement:
if 1 + 2 == 3 then
  "What Do You Know!? Math Works"


"What Do You Know!? Math Works"

For and While Loops in Impulse

For and While Loops are important parts of any language, the format for the For Loop is similar to the If Statement in Impulse, while the While Loop is similar to the While Loop in Python.

One Line For Statement:
for i = 0 to 11 then print(i)

Multi Line For Statement:
for i  = 0 to 11 then

While Loop:
while True then print("123")


[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]

Lists In Impulse

Lists Are an Important Data Structure!
Adding a value to a list is the same thing as appending it. Multiplying two lists together make one list with both of the lists's values. Subtracting from a list removes whatever has that index in the list. Dividing an integer from a list shows you what value is in that index. And there are also append(), extend(), pop(), and choices() functions as well!

var testList = [1, 2, 3]
print(list + 4)
print(list * [4, 5, 6])
extend(list, [4, 5, 6])
pop(list, 2)
append(list, 4)


[1, 2, 3, 4]
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
[1, 2]
[1, 2, 3, 4]

#The Choice Function Returns a Random Value from a List

There are also return, continue, and break features in Impulse. I believe that these are pretty self-explanatory and therefore do not need explaining.

Functions in Impulse

Functions Are An Especially Important Part Every Language. Without Them, You can't really do anything without the language providing you with everything. In Impulse, functions are defined using the "func" Keyword and you show what the function does using an arrow ("->"). There are once again single lined and multi-lined functions.

Single Lined Function:
func add(a, b) -> a + b
add(1, 2)

func greet(name, times) -> "Hello, " * times + name
greet("Repl", 3)

Multi Lined Function:
func age(year)
  var Yourage = 2020 - year



"Hello, Hello, Hello, Repl"

Impulse Built-In Functions

There is no good language with several built-in functions! They save the programmer from wasting a lot of time. Impulse has several great Built-In Functions, and you've already seen some of them!

PI #Will give the Value of PI
print(value) #Will print the given value
input() #Will ask for an input although cannot have text within, so have a print statement before the input
INTinput() #Same as the Input Function but can only receive integers
clear() #Clears the Screen
cls() #Clears the Screen
IsNum(value) #Will check whether the given value is a number and give a boolean response
IsStr(value) #Will check whether the given value is a string and give a boolean response
IsList(value) #Will check whether the given value is a list and give a boolean response
IsFunc(value) #Will check whether the given value is a function and give a boolean response
append(list, value) #Will append the value to the list
extend(list1, list2) #Will combine the two lists together
len(list) #Will return the length of the given list
typewrite(value) #Will slow print the value
choice(list) #Will return a random value from the given list
run("<file name here>") #Will run that file

Side Note: You have to create a .impls file to run. If you are using the multi-line features, then you will have to put the "end" Keyword whenever a for, if, or function ends. And only double quotes (") work in my language, not single quotes ('), but I could try and update that. File Systems are on the Way! The Variable won't Update unless you put the var Keyword next to it. Example:

var age = 12
age = age + 3 #Will Return 15 But age Value will remain 12

var age = 12
var age = age + 3 #Will Return 15 And age Value will change to 15

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please tell me them, and I will try my best to make Impulse great! Link to the original team project:

TheDrone7 (1762)

The jam required you to submit a team repl. I see you worked as a team but submiited a personal repl instead? Might I enquire why?
In case team repls weren't shown in the dropdown, you only need to provide a link to the team repl in the post and it'll get embedded automatically when clicked on the link.

Futuristics (51)

@TheDrone7 Oh sorry, I didn't know how to post a team repl so I copied the repl into a private one to submit it like that. So which link should I post?

TheDrone7 (1762)

@Futuristics It's absolutely fine as long as you edit the post and add the link to the description.

Futuristics (51)

@TheDrone7 I put a link at the bottom of the description. Is that better?

Futuristics (51)

@TheDrone7 Ok Thanks, and btw what do you think of the language, I rushed through some of it.

TheDrone7 (1762)

@Futuristics I have mixed feelings about it since it looks like a mix of my beloved JS and my most hated Python lol.