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🖼 Image Revealer!! 🖼
DynamicSquid (4897)

Hey everyone! I got this cool image revealer thing for you guys. I got the idea after seeing some similar works on OpenProcessing.

There's a black screen, and all you have to do is to click or drag your mouse on the screen to draw a picture! And hit SPACE to switch to the next picture.

I also did this in p5.js, you're welcome @Coder100, since I had some trouble with the images in Processing.

Most of the pictures are actually profile pictures! We have @Bookie0, @CodingCactus, @SixBeeps, and everyone from the top 10.

I also got @Wuru, @timmy_i_chen and @SilentShadowBla cause they're humans and humans are cool (well, not as cool as squids, but you get the point).

I also have @JSer and @eankeen cause foxes and kids shooting laser beams out of their mouth make for a good picture.

And I have @amasad:

I also have 2 squids, the regular one, and the pixel one. Try to find those!

And I also have my language's logo in there (the new one), and a random bird falling from the sky with fire. Both those were done in pixel art, so they might not look as good here.

Oh, and if you want to be added too, just send me a screenshot of your profile picture.

Enjoy :)

SixBeeps (5232)

Ngl, this is pretty cool. I especially like the timmy chen cameo.

Alice688 (104)

Could you add mine?


Leroy01010 (411)

i like your profile pic!!
what anime is it?


Ilikedestroyer (2)

Ayyyy this is awesome! ASMR over 9000.

Ilikedestroyer (2)

@DynamicSquid no problem with commenting on projects that are actually good

Yoshiii (11)

Yet another fantastic project made from @DynamicSquid!


I really like how its a randomizer and it has the fuzzy effect. So cool i want to copy it!

DynamicSquid (4897)

@NikolasZarkos thank you!! and sure, you can fork it and play around with it

Zavexeon (1162)

What about top 25 i barely make that

DynamicSquid (4897)

@Zavexeon lol I can add you if you want!

JosephSanthosh (1182)

Noooo --- If only this came out a week ago, then I would be there, I just fell from the leaderboard! this is so sad :( good job btw!

DynamicSquid (4897)

@JosephSanthosh aw.. sorry for that... but thanks!

potatojs (846)

i was going to make the same project, now i can't!
cool :(
nice project by the way :)

Name12 (161)

this is too cool to be true!! good job @DynamicSquid

btw: when I looked at the code, I am surprised how many squids you added.

DynamicSquid (4897)

@Name12 thank you!! also lol I only added 2

Name12 (161)

[email protected]
but in comparison with the others...

Name12 (161)

and can you give me some ideas for a new game @DynamicSquid I ran out of ideas. lol

Name12 (161)

and because of your [email protected]
I guess that makes sense.

DynamicSquid (4897)

@Name12 yup lol. also try making a web scraper or a discord bot

DynamicSquid (4897)

@Name12 there's a lot of python libraries out there that makes it easier to do so

Name12 (161)

[email protected]
and if you want to make a discord bot, go ask @SpaceFire and @VulcanWM. they both make discord bots together. I use to make some games for the bot but now I am more focused on other things.

firefish (947)

How do you make the images? Is it secret functionality? If so:

hehe download it

UPDATE: just realised the dots make images

firefish (947)

@DynamicSquid couldn't be more stupid, also already done it on my end... I forked the project, hehe

firefish (947)

@DynamicSquid Remember that joke I made a whiiiile back about bubble the squid (I think it was @ChezTacoz' nametag generator or something rather)? I better go back in time and make the joke now, I have inspiration (jk)

firefish (947)

@LTI2 it's in spanish; a language i don't speak

firefish (947)

@LTI2 I see. I know. I stole this profile picture from google images, it's no surprise I'll find it somewhere else on google images