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🖼️ Image App | Photron 🖼️. Kind of like Pinterest.

🖼️ Image App | Photron 🖼️

Hi guys, I was scrolling through my repls, and found this. I remember I made this a long time ago, so it might look basic next to my other apps. The point of this is kind of like what Pinterest does.


  • add images
  • profile
  • edit profile
  • settings
  • edit settings
  • login
  • register
  • logout
  • instructions
  • like
  • comment
  • make website URLs
  • dark mode
  • Pagination
  • etc.

Some Important Stuff

I found out something while I was taking a look at it. before you click on any posts, click on the settings above, and click create profile. If you don't, it gives errors. No clue why, but, I'll have to fix it later.

Also, if you click on a post, and then click on the image, it will appear huger, and dim the background.

Feedback, and suggestions

Upvotes and suggestions would be appreciated.


LegendaryWolf (694)

oh yeahh.... photons...

LegendaryWolf (694)

I mean this not as fast as a photon...
I guess you didn't understand, did u?


@LegendaryWolf that's cause i didn't open the server. Do you want me to? Then you can visit it.

JBloves27 (1720)

Pretty cool, curious, why do you put something app in all your repl posts?

TsunamiOrSumth (552)

this is really cool, but im kinda agianst asking for email tho (unless you want to send newsletters or something)


@TsunamiOrSumth Thanks! but for the email, i don't really care. i don't really look at them.


@TsunamiOrSumth you can even put in a fake email.