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IQ Test
Mrunank (65)

Hello! I created an IQ test! Answer these 8 questions, and then see how much is your IQ/8. Tell me how this is in the comments.

Th3Coder (129)

Wow, amazing!!! GREAT JOB!

I got 7/8!

Btw, England is not a country! Britain (or UK) is, but England is more like a region of UK (tell me if I'm wrong lol)

Oh yeah, I see you construct the questions using JS! Great job :)

Mrunank (65)

@Th3Coder Yup! Should I tell you a secret? I am a student at whitehatjr

Th3Coder (129)

@Mrunank I'm also a student! Also, for a second I actually thought whitehatjr is a school 🤣🤣🤣

But hey, that means you're determined to code! Keep learning, and never gonna give you up!

Th3Coder (129)

@bwoop woah! Also don't use Google as it biases results and tracks you, use DuckDuckGo instead!

Anyways, thanks for the info! Weirdly though, UK is also a country... See

To actually answer this, I guess we need to ask a British person. (Or are you British?)

bwoop (180)

@Th3Coder no, not british. But you're right, google is definitely biased in their results.

Th3Coder (129)

@bwoop okay! But UK still has exclaves which make it even worse