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IDLE MINING: The super moddable idle clicker game!

Idle Mining

Game Description

Idle Mining is an open-source idle clicker game. The goal of the game is to get XP and produce as many resources as you can. Idle mining is extremely moddable with potentially endless user content, so make sure to check the mods out!

You may also choose to make your own mod. Find a template mod here.

About This Game


  1. Download source
  2. Unzip source on desktop
  3. Click 'index.html' file to run the game.

How to Play

  • XP is gained by producing resources, either by mining them or manufacturing them.
  • Once you have enough XP, you will level up and get research points (RP).
  • Once you have enough RP, you can spend them under the research tab.

How To Import a Mod

The purpose of this game is to be extremely moddable, so I will walk through exactly how to import a mod.
To import a mod:
1. Download source for mod
2. Extract the zip file
3. Upon loading the game, while in the modding room select 'load mod'
4. Select the 'mod.json' file

Your mod should be loaded at this point! If it isn't, contact the owner of the mod (it has to do with an issue with their mod, not this game).

To play with your mod, simply press the button 'Back to Game' and the mod should be ready.

Bug Reports

If you have any issues, please post them under 'issues' on github.


I got an error.
Encountered an error while combining: TypeError: Cannot read property 'resources' of undefined


How did it happen? I have seen the error before but can't reproduce it. @NoahJospeh


@ReallyBasic Sorry for the late reply, but all I did was added the default mods, then clicked "Exit to game". I just thought I'd try the default mods first before trying other mods. Kind of like what you might do for Minecraft.


I believe the issue is the cookies have not been set up yet. If you hit 'clear storage', it should work. Either way, I fixed it so it shouldn't happen to anyone else. @NoahJospeh


@ReallyBasic Ok, it worked, thanks! Great game! Now all you need is graphics! I could maybe give you some ideas on how you can turn your clicker game into something better. Instead of just text and buttons, you click, you could add graphics and characters.


I would love to hear any ideas you may have! Right now, I set up the style sheet so the game looks somewhat like universal paperclips, but I am not a huge fan of the style. If you would like to help, I can set up a repl for collaboration. @NoahJospeh


@ReallyBasic I can help, but that would only be with game design. I'm not that good with JavaScript.




Thanks! @AndrewRouse


this seems really cool


SEEMS?! jk Thanks! @Bunnytoes


@ReallyBasic I didn't get to actually 'mod' it


Yeah, it does take some time. I will come out with a tutorial on how to do that soon. @Bunnytoes


Wow, nice concept!


Thank you :) @DynamicSquid