Neural network [Python]

I made a neural network without any external libraries.

It is currently programmed to classify flowers from the iris dataset. After each training round, it outputs 5 random data entries, the network's certainties, and the network's guess in the following format:
[type-0 certainty, type-1 certainty, type-2 certainty]
Guess: <the highest certainty>
Real: <the actual entry>

The network it uses has a sigmoid activation function, and has two size-5 hidden layers.

If you have any questions about the internals, just ask.

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I wish I could make one this good. I don't like using external libraries. It always says "Accuracy: 33.3%". I wonder how you could make one that can process words. I have only been abele to make mine process numbers between 0 and 1.


@hg0428 to make one that would process words you could either use a recurrent neural network to process the relationship between each of the letters or you could use a very large column vector describing which word it is out of many. if you wanted to get even crazier you could process sentences out of column vectors and recurrent neural networks.


@hg0428 if ypurs is outputting 0 or 1 then disable the logistic function.


Not 0 or 1, numbers between 0 and [email protected]