I'm done with people

I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't be putting this on share, this is probably s**tposting, but if this gets taken down by a moderator, I don't really care.

TL;DR - I might be leaving replit

I just deleted a post about my current project. I did this because someone commented that they were tired of all of these fake projects, (I am not sharing what the project was because it doesn't matter) and basically told me how to start over, the other comments were quite supportive and kind, giving me tips on what I could do better. I was just trying to share a project I have been working on, not quite even finished with the project, just kind of showing progress, it probably didn't seem that way, but I feel like my experience on this platform has been quite toxic, and I know this is a person on the internet, and I shouldn't let it get to me, but I was just trying to share something with a couple of people, and honestly, I'm not sure if I'll be staying on replit much longer, this was the second time I've posted, and if this is what I'm gonna get, someone telling me my work is fake? This doesn't seem like a community I want to be a part of. If ur still reading, I'm sorry, don't feel bad for me, I'm kinda just venting.

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I want to apologize and hopefully make it clear that I wasn’t talking about you in specific but more about a general trend on replit. I could see how it came off wrong (big mistake on my part), but I was just mostly frustrated with seeing all these posts. Anyways point being, don’t leave replit over some of my needlessly impulsive comments, cause I promise you that it does not happen often. One last thing (hopefully more constructive) is that whenever you post something, try to make it as unique as possible cause I can assure you that people like unique projects no matter how simple they might be.



Except when you spend 3 months working on it only to have it get little to no attention compared to a two week project that got several hundred upvotes

@Baconman321 exactly, that’s the biggest issue when it comes to repl talk. People don’t appreciate technically interesting projects but rather will blindly upvote flashy games


@IMayBeMe Ight time to work for 4 months on an mc remake xd.