Cookie Cloner - Basic Clicker Game
tussiez (1674)

Cookie Cloner!

Cookie Cloner is a game where you click a cookie.. to make copies of them.

This game was written very long ago, ignore my bad code :)

I decided to post this here as an example for others to use my code as a boilerplate for their own clicker games, feel free to fork!

How to Use

Click the cookie to get cookies.
To buy cookie-making devices, click buttons.
To see how many of each cookie-making device you own (and cookies per second), hover over the button with your mouse.

Easily hackable! xD

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RhinoRunner (864)

I played this game and had an instant craving for cookies...

RhinoRunner (864)

Also, you should add something where it tells you what you have (like the ovens and robots and stuff)

RhinoRunner (864)

@tussiez also, it would be cool if when you hover over a thing you cant buy it shows you the not-allowed cursor, rather than if you click it.