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I made a custom interpreter out of python.
Th3OneAndOnly (7)

Hello all! I'd like to share this interpreter I made using python, probably not the most efficient but hey, I made it and I'm proud. 😁

Anyways, big thanks to fuzzyastrocat for their tutorial on parsing a file in C! I adapted to python then used it to make this, actually with their really simple but insightful method to parsing the file it's very easy to make changes. To see every change here have a look at the .changelog and play around with the source.cevi. Thanks for taking a look!

I decided to edit this and make a running list of features, subject to change:

  • while statements
  • integer and string handling
  • variables
  • if statements
  • addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and all boolean operators
  • pointers
  • comments
  • namespaces (for now it's just scope handling but they will be useful both for CEVI use and for myself when interpreting stuff like functions)
  • functions (no return yet)

    - TheOneAndOnly

JasonLiu19 (71)

I was expecting the worst... Great Job!