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HexAguess Game
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Hi everyone!

Ive been working on this game for a couple days now. Its called HexAguess. You try to guess which out of six colors is the correct hex color code that it shows you! For a full explanation go here!

Where I got the idea?

Well I got this idea from one of my courses where we made a game like this but much simpler and it was with RGB. So I decided to try to remake it with hex codes and add other features like points and lives!


  • Points
  • Lives
  • Random Colors
  • Great UI (Hopefully xD)

Sneek Peek:

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 6.46.57 PM

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I love this concept, although Idk if I'm really good or if this or if its really easy (I'm not meaning to brag I'm genuinely curious how other people fair). this is really cool though

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