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I am a beginner and can I have feedback?
adamseider2009 (26)

I am a beginner wanting to get ideas and get better. New addition Hangman!!

Jakman (452)

Yes you may get feedback. However do not quit when the feedback you receive is negative. Good job so far.


Woah Neat Game I got addicated fast and even raged Awesome for a new person!Now try usuig this type of code into you own personal game, with other thinngs and this part of it too.!

BenHarris4 (16)

Your good for a new programmer I could show you how to do a while loop so if you type in anything and it wont crash it would just keep looping until it get's the answer here's a example.

while True:

that would keep looping.


Just as a small fix, if you don't want to do this its ok, but you might want to add a try, except statement so that if a user accidentally types something wrong the game won't shut down.

aguy11 (127)

Everything is really good except for one tiny detail in the number guessing game. I don't know if every number guessing game has an answer between 0, 1000, but it would really help if you would add one print() statement that tells the user that you have to guess between 0 and 1000.

adamseider2009 (26)

@aguy11 i got that same thing i will do

aguy11 (127)

@adamseider2009 Oh and one more thing that might make your life easier. Instead of all of those blank print statements you can just add \n into the print statement above to make it skip a line.

awesome10 (233)

well i recommend you do


instead of

print ("[something]")

(based on pep 8 styling guidelines)


@adamseider2009 it could just be an error for me as it seems like it works for others


@adamseider2009 ok fix if u can. thanks for ur help

Wilke000 (636)

I love it! But try this:

from time import sleep as slp

so that you can do

name=input('What is your name?')
print('Hello, '+name+)

so it would type "What is your name?" then the user would answer, then the program would wait 2 seconds, then say "Hello, (the user's name)" or whatever you want it to do
And also


hmm rock, paper, scissors isnt working for me. when it asks me if i want to play it, i respond with "Y" but it just stops the program


@adamseider2009 i also tried other responses like "y", "n" "yes", "no" but it just didn't work

adl212 (172)

@ZainJ I think this happens because the code shows

play_first_game = input("Would you like to play guessing game?  ").lower()
if play_first_game != "yes":
  print("Then The Classic Rock, Paper, Scissor it is!!!")

Then, nothing happens afterwards.


The guessing game is pretty good. its simple but great

Lodish (4)

This is an impressive code for someone who has only bin coding for a few days :)

HollyC7 (0)

I like it! I think you could add in that the user is playing the guess the number against the computer game if they respond with "yes". When the user responds with "Y" it tells them it will be rock, paper, scissors

adamseider2009 (26)

@HollyC7 i cant have yes as a definition twice but thanks

adamseider2009 (26)

@HollyC7 or mayde i can but im new to coding

HollyC7 (0)

@adamseider2009 sorry maybe I wasn't clear with what I typed.

your game starts with this:

play_first_game = input("Would you like to play guessing game? ").lower()

Then the user inputs something onto the terminal, if they do "yes", this happens:

if play_first_game != "yes":
print("Then The Classic Rock, Paper, Scissor it is!!!")

This starts the rock paper scissors game and is followed by:

play_second_game = input ("Do you want to play Rock, Paper, Scissors Y/N")

But if in response to:
play_first_game = input("Would you like to play guessing game? ").lower()

The user enters "Y", the terminal just shows "Your Guess:".

I think you could have it so that:

play_first_game = input("Would you like to play guessing game? ").lower()

The user gives the input 'Y'

then next the terminal displays something like this:

You are going to play a game where you guess a number against the computer.
Your guess:

Also sorry for formatting still getting used to this!

adamseider2009 (26)

@HollyC7 o ok ill at somthing like that


@adamseider2009 Great project but I found 2 mistakes in the 1st line.
"You have two games currently we I will add more in furture updates."
You wrote "furture" instead future
In my opinion I think it should say "Currently I have two games you play now. I will add more in the future." I'm not being picky bc of what happened before, I'm just trying to help.

adamseider2009 (26)

@ZainJ thanks for feedback ill add for u


@adamseider2009 impressive for only a few days