{ALPHA} <Animal Crossing!>
JBloves27 (1902)

[Alpha] Animal Crossing Story Mode [Replit]

Animal Crossing - Replit v. and Story/Game mode included!


This program is Animal Crossing, similar to @SilvermoonCat's Animal Crossing sry for ping. However, the difference is that mine is pretty much a story mode, but theirs is more of a game. I did add a game mode this to this though. :D This has almost 2000 lines of code, plus more in the future, as this is Alpha. I will try to keep you guys as updated as possible!


As I know python the most out of all other programs, I chose python to make Animal Crossing. This is New Horizons and Replit v. connected. The reason why I say it is connected to replit is because:

  1. I made it in replit (lol)
  2. It uses some replit functions/modules

yeah. Anyways, I tried to make it as similar to New Horizons, so I hope you enjoy! I also added some 'pictures'/animations. I don't want to spoil everything, but I will tell you that I made island choosing, island naming, villagers, etc. I will tell you more in the next section. ;D


So far in this program, I have made:

  • Username and almost saving.
  • Island choosing, naming.
  • Villager (i havent fully made it, like adding villagers)
  • Story Mode and Game Mode
  • Workshop and fishing

That is what I have so far. I hope you guys enjoy what I have so far!


Credits to @SilvermoonCat for the game idea (without them knowing) and moi for the code. This prob took about almost 2 weeks (alpha). xd


I hope you guys like this! sry i was rly inactive on talk, i was working on this, and i was pretty busy. I might post Beta a few weeks or months later. I'll keep you guys notified! Cya! ;D

Note: Don't ask for editing access, pls fork it! Thanks!

Disclaimer: Saving does not work yet, and I am also fixing some stuff, so there might be errors.


Update 1.0: I actually made it 'press any key to continue'! I also fixed the fishing thing, you could endlessly fish.

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JBloves27 (1902)

Hrmmn... okie! Thanks for the suggestion! @OldWizard209