Introducing...ROGUE CARRIER. A short Shoot'em up with a cool CRT aesthetic!

You are to defend an aircraft carrier against enemy forces.

Can you make it to DEFCON 1?

You might be surprised at the strategies you need to employ to reach the ending. It usually takes a couple tries!

Good luck!

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How on earth do you beat this???



Good health management all the way up to DEFCON 2 ;)
Then for the last two.. well you gotta throw everything you got haha


@lerich But how do you regen hp?


@FrancisPan Health actually (very) slowly regenerates, depending on the enemies you choose to take out may be able to regen more hp than you lose in some DEFCONs :)

But it's more important to pick which targets you want to destroy first in order to have enough health at the end of the round to keep going


@lerich ok which ships to destroy first??? :>


@lerich So... basically let frigates attack you because you slowly regenerate even though they do damage?

Also, if you send an air target and then destroy the object yourself the game crashes. Maybe find a fix for that.

I also recommend finding a way to make an airstrike queue, right now you have to wait for the aircraft to take off to attack another target, maybe allow multiple targets to be set regardless of the runway track (still wait for the fighter to take off and then send another one). That way, you can air strike who you want and focus on the rest, not wait for the airplane to take off then redirect your focus for a second onto another ship to target them and then back to the ship you are attacking.