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Volant is a general-purpose data-oriented high-level programming language with a focus on speed, power, asynchronicity, and concurrency. Volant is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing both low-level and high-level features with simple and easy to use syntax. Volant is transpiled to c with no or a very thin layer of abstraction over the code you write, which makes it as fast as c in almost all cases.

The team

The language was designed and developed solely by me.

Try it out

Step 1: Fork this repl.
Step 2: Edit the file named main.vo and press the run button to try it out.

You can also try Volant on our online Volant playground here.

Useful links

EDIT: @CSharpIsGud made a complete operating system using Volant. Check it out here.

Any constructive feedback is appreciated and thanks for checking it out.

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xxpertHacker (931)

Honestly, doesn't look bad. Hope to see what becomes of this.

fuzzyastrocat (1867)

@xxpertHacker @CSharpIsGud has already written an OS in it, so pretty good I guess?

fuzzyastrocat (1867)

@xxpertHacker Yeah, it's pretty neat that such a new language is OS-ready.

xxpertHacker (931)

@fuzzyastrocat Well, almost, CSharpisGud had to modify the compiler to work as intended. But still, within 3 days after release an OS was created in it.