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Hollow - Season 1
CodingCactus (4192)

this is just a repost of all the other repls combined?

VulcanWM (2403)

I know right. Nobody, not even me has beaten this game @LoganSpong

CoenDjamson (7)

Is this not that netflix series?
<img src="" alt="The Hollow Season 2 Trailer | Netflix Futures - YouTube"/>

VulcanWM (2403)

Yeah, it is based on it. I just changed some bits and pieces. For instance, my game is only one player @CoenDjamson

aryanpandya (11)

This Is A Really Good Code :)

Anvaysharma (48)

Great Job! It is so awesome

DungeonMaster00 (187)

still cool even if based off of a tv show

Name12 (160)

that's cool. and I see you put this on your website: and gives 50 circuits to whoever won this's a very cool game, but, I died in the room every time I tried