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Highway Hijinks! A car dodging game!!!

Welcome to...

Highway Hijinks!

A game where you get to do what you've always wanted without having to suffer the consequences.

Go down the wrong way of the highway!

Game Description:

You are a white van that can move up and down. You can also shoot! You must move up and down to avoid oncoming cars. You can shoot to destroy a car. Some cars may have to be shot multiple times to be destroyed! And don't even think about shooting a cop car! Those are indestructable! Destroy cars and get points! The further you go, the more points you will also get, so you can't rely solely on destroying other cars! Be careful not to crash into other cars or it's all Game Over! Have Fun!


  • W or Up Arrow - Move Up
  • S or Down Arrow - Move Down
  • Spacebar - Shoot
  • Escape - Pause

Scoring System

Car Destruction

  • Green Cars - 100pts
  • Blue Cars - 300pts
  • Red Cars - 500pts
  • Cop Cars - n/a (You can't destroy these, silly!)
  • White Van - 0pts (Ummm... You do understand that the point of the game is not to destroy this, Right???)

Combo Moves!

To perform a combo move, destroy cars one right after another! This will increase your points every time! For example, if I destroy a green car then immediatly destroy another, I'll get 200pts for the second car. If I were to have destroyed a third green car then I'd get 300! Or if the second car was a blue car then I would've gotten 600pts since it is the second in the combo! But don't wait for too long or you'll lose your combo line!

For people who want a better understanding look at the chart below!

1st Kill: Green Car - 100pts times 1 equals 100pts

2nd Kill: Blue Car - 300pts times 2 equals 600pts

3rd Kill: Green Car - 100pts times 3 equals 300pts

4th Kill: Red Car - 500pts times 4 equals 2000pts

And so on...

Ending Notes

This game took me a while to make, about two weeks, and is one of few games I've actually finished. I would appreciate it if you upvoted, but you don't have to. You do you. If while you're playing and you find any bugs and/or glitches or if you just have some suggestions make sure to comment them and I'll try my best to fix the bugs and maybe I'll add your suggestion. Thanks!