Coder100 (16868)


Hello everyone! I just installed UNITY!!! And here is my game!!!!

How to play

  • WASD to move
  • Don't die
  • Reach as far as you can
  • Collect coins


As you can see I am unity prodigy (jk) lol

I want dark theme


Soon I will do other stuff with unity






  • Unity should now load faster!
  • I added 1 NEW LEVEL
  • I fixed many of your bugs like unable to die and a weird restart glitch
  • I added arrow key support. Thanks @IndyCarter!
  • I added a larger play area. It should now cover THE WHOLE SCREEN
    @ThatSmart @KobeFF @stubaduble @Bookie0



This is my first unity game!

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TheSummit3145 (23)

Hi Coder100!

I'm in to Unity and I have a few suggestions.
But first I need to know more about your game.
It appears as your cube is a rigid body and you are using rb.addforce. Is this true?

Also you are using a OncollisionEnter to sense when the obstacle collides.

I have a few suggestions.
1. Try adding some more obstacles. You can tag them all the same as what you tagged your current obstacle.
2. Give your enemies some AI. Try utilizing navmesh
3. Textures. Textures are important and they make your game very nice
4. UI. The UI is very important. Try adding a distance traveled meter
5. Add a jump function. This should be very simple. Heres a sudo code:
rb.addforce(0,300*time.deltatime, 0);
6. lock the cursor to the middle of the screen and hide. Some people (like me) find it annoying when my cursor is placed somewhere when its not doing anything. Here is how you do it.

For the points, did you use a Oncollisionenter and then destroy gameobject?
Did you instantize the points or did you clone them manually in the game.

I'm also new to Unity. :)

TheSummit3145 (23)

add me on discord pls

Coder100 (16868)

Hello, sure! I'm Hithere#6537 @TheSummit3145

TheSummit3145 (23)

@Coder100 ok im Destined_ToDefeat#2348
we can give each other suggestions thru there