An interstellar journey and a war

Space War: A space shooter game

Space War, is a space shooter game. In this game you can play in the Arcade mode or in the Boss Fight mode and face the Alien Queen.


  • You can play with 5 different space ships with different attributes.
  • A set of enemies with a different movement style.
  • You can enter into an Asteroid Zone.
  • You have 2 game modes. Arcade and Boss Fight.
  • You can unlock different ships with coins.
  • And some other features.

Link to the game

Share in the comments your experience and some suggestions to make the game better.

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Hey, did you take this game down? The link doesn't work.


@ReplitSoren I've been having troubles with the game not sure why, because I haven't changed or updated it. But now is working properly. Again not sure what happened or how did it fixed itself but now it should work. My apologies for that