How To Create A Black Hole Spiral in Python W/ Turtle
nothplus (72)

Hello Programmers,

This is a innovative and creative way of showing of your programming skills in Python with Turtle by creating this Spiral which later centres into a Black Hole.

Step 1 - Import and Name your turtle
Step 2 - Create a for - in range and mark anything more than 100
Step 3 - Go forward by 180 or more
Step 4 - Go left by 70 or more
Step 5 - Go forward by 60 or more
Step 6 - Go right by 40 or more
Step 7 - Pen up
Step 8 - Set position 0,0
Step 9 - Pen down
Step 10 - Go right by 2 or more

Challenge: Add Colour to make it a Rainbow Spiral

There you have it Ten Easy Steps to make a pretty fascinating Black Hole Spiral and impress other programmers.

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2IsAPrimeNumber (26)

Hello. I have a question about Python (with Turtle), because I also want to make a tutorial with Python (with Turtle). Anyways, what version of Python and Turtle is used in Python (with Turtle)?

2IsAPrimeNumber (26)

Great tutorial, by the way!

nothplus (72)

@2IsAPrimeNumber Thanks for the feedback, It would be great if you could support this tutorial as well if you really liked it!

nothplus (72)

@2IsAPrimeNumber Yeah, when you are looking at the languages hover over them in the bottom right corner then select more languages, then search for Python and you want to pick the one that says "Python with Turtle" then there you have it!

2IsAPrimeNumber (26)

@nothplus Sorry it took so long for me to respond. What I meant in my question was what version of Turtle is used in For instance, Turtle 2.7, 3.7, etc. That's what I meant.


@2IsAPrimeNumber It is 2.7 :)

nothplus (72)

@IEATPYTHON Thanks for having his back!

2IsAPrimeNumber (26)

@Blink Python With Turtle uses a "palette"; a drawing area for the turtle. A repl is just a basic program for running text commands. You need to use a different kind of repl with a palette to use Python With Turtle.

John_WardWard (364)

@Blink Python has only got the console, and cannot open a canvas on repl. Turtle has console and canvas.