Happy Birthday, Apoorv!!✨
lilykhan (865)

Happy Birthday!🎉

Wish you the best of luck for your future. I hope your special day will bring lots of happiness to your life. Always be happy and safe! (〃^▽^〃)

This site is a Birthday gift for @ApoorvSingal from the whole Repl.it community! \(^▽^)/

Feel free to send birthday message and anime recommendations on the site.

Note: Please DO NOT send more than one message and do not send any mean or inappropriate message with a false name. Also, try not to recommend more than one anime. Ty.\(^▽^)/

✨Special Thanks to:

@TheDrone7, @k9chelsea2 and @piemadd for making this site!

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Codeverse (158)

Happy Birthday!
_Here is a true fictional story!

A Homo Sapien: Uh oh... incoming cake shower! Wait, cake showdown... dang it I just ate lunch! Oh well, captain, we need a giant fridge to catch all the cakes and a huge birthday to to cover up this extraterrestrial(lol I can spell) incident.

The Captain: Well, I checked Replit and it is @ApoorvSingal (Sorry for the mention, I know your inbox is probably blowing up) Birthday!

A Homo Sapien: Why Apoorv?

The Captain: Cuz a lot people commented on the post.

A Homo Sapien: Now we just need a fridge.

The Captain: Do some Homo Sapien magic and make it appear.

A Homo Sapien: Or... I could make all the cakes disappear...

The Captain: How?

(A Homo Sapien called his friends and they start gobbling up the cakes.)

5 centuries later...

The Captain: You finished?

A Homo Sapien: Nahh bruh

100 millennia later...

(A Homo Sapien and his friends finish eating.)

A Homo Sapien: When's our next meal?

The Captain: Faints and forgets to exist.

ApoorvSingal (105)

@Codeverse lmaoo not sure what exactly this story is but Yayy! Thanks!!

Codeverse (158)

@ApoorvSingal That's ok, I guess it is the thought that counts lol