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arnavratna (28)

Hey everyone! Here's a hangman game I made that has a bunch of random words imported from a website. The rules are just normal hangman. I hope you like it!

Codemonkey51 (1058)

OMG I made something like this a few days ago and you beat me to posting it to repl talk. Lol. The one difference is mine has a lot more words -_-
One suggestion make it not allow you to input the same letter twice

arnavratna (28)

@Codemonkey51 Haha, nice! Yeah, I could try that. I could make a list of letters they already made, and each letter is cross-referenced with the list to ensure they don't double a letter. Good idea!

Codemonkey51 (1058)

Ye that would make the game better also one last suggestion add ascii art for the hangman. (One more suggestion wrap this in a while(1): loop to make it so the user does not have to restart the project to play again) then your project will be much more fun for the user. @arnavratna