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Hacker's Doc v1
JordanDixon1 (178)


What is it?

A doc that even lints the file you are working on! This uses the vim command already on Linux.

How's it work?

It uses the command vim to view and edit a file that exists or does not.

Currently supported os?

MacOS and Linux. Sorry windows.

Help! I can't exit a file!!!

calm down. Press esc if you are in insert mode, then press :wq and hit enter. This will save your file and exit. press :q and hit enter if you do not want to save the file.

Future Plans

  • I plan on encoding files in base64 and/or saving into a .dat file with pickle.
  • Making a way to share docs.
  • And more...
JordanDixon1 (178)

@InvisibleOne If you have a project you're working on I would love to help you on Monday. (Monday is when I'm free.)