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HackerText Terminal
sojs (298)

Hi guys!

So, I was scrolling through my repls and I saw a failed version of this from a long time ago, way back when I did not know one end of a function to another. I went back to it, cleaned it up a little, and put in the code for my famous RPG game. Yes. No link. I'm too lazy to look for it. If you can find it post it in the comments and I will add you and the link in the description :)

I remember a looooong time ago hackertext terminals were all the rage. That was probably why I made it all that time ago. Welp. Here is the advertising:

Tired of your friends coding better and faster than you?

Want to impress people?

Enter @sojs's HackerText terminal, or the S'sHTT (c) ( S ojs' S H acker T ext T erminal.

Be impressive, type quickly and flawlessly, with this terminal

Note the code probably has bugs :) so if a coder is sitting next to you while you code be prepared for "actually, thats incorrect" :)

Have fun, and remember @Bookie0 's famous quote:

Upvoting is caring @Bookie0

Note: he no longer says that.

Bookie0 (5967)

Though im not sure if he still says that

yes no i don't say that anymore lol..

sojs (298)

oh. Well then. I will change it. Its a good line tho. :)